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Ages 8 to 18

Commercial dance lessons will allow your child to create, choreograph and dance to all the modern pop songs they hear on the radio and TV.

Act 1 (approx age 8-11) students learn foundation commercial dance elements, explore basic choreography technique and creatively use their imagination to develop their own routines drawing on key techniques taught in class.

Act 2 (approx age 12-14) students  further develop confidence in their commercial performance skill. The class introduces more complicated routines in class to help students develop their understanding of dynamics, rhythm, timing and musicality, as well as their own freestyle commercial skills. 

Act 3  (approx age 15+) students learn advanced combinations, developing musicality, maturing performance skills, understanding different branches of commercial style and developing a clear knowledge of dynamics and accents within pieces of music.  This class is suitable for anyone wanting to extend and learn advanced commercial skills and for those looking to audition for Dancebox College.


Ages 8 to 18

Contemporary is a style of expressive movement that combines elements of ballet, jazz, hip hop and lyrical dance. During each class we work on technical training, an imaginative creative task and performance development. 

Act 1 (approx age 8-11) students learn the foundation contemporary dance elements. Training focuses on posture, flexibility and encourages discipline with added creative tasks.

Act 2  (approx age 12-14) students explore different choreographic methods and learn to express themselves in a versatile manner. Floorwork is taught, making each dancer feel at ease rolling across the floor.

Act 3 (approx age 15+) dancers create movement on a larger scale, dancers are encouraged to research different forms in relation to their dance idea and pushed outside of their comfort zones, mastering large leaps, off-balance tilts as well as intricate floorwork.

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