Private Singing Lessons

Private Singing Classes

Private sInging classes are available for students from the age of 8 +.

Dancebox Junior school uses a multi-disciplinary approach to vocal training.


We work with singers to not only build on the technical aspects of their voice, but also work on their storytelling and performance confidence.


 Our Vocal Coach, Rebecca Hardcastle, is a huge advocate of promoting healthy voices and looking after vocal health, which led her to become a qualified Vocal Health First Aider in 2022.



During a one-to-one singing lesson students can expect to learn how to warm up and cool down their voice, work on pitch accuracy and rhythm, as well as how to use different vocal registers and create engaging performances.


Students find new ways to express themselves verbally and non-verbally as well as develop key skills which enhance life on and off the stage. 

All vocal coaching starts with a single introductory lesson for us to understand the students' vocal goals and ambitions, then we will block book 10 face to face or zoom sessions per term at a time and date that suits the student and coach.