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Act 1 Group Acting

The Act 1 (approx age 8-11) Group Acting class includes elements of role play, improvisation, storytelling, movement and drama play, a tremendous way to spark creativity in young performers.

Students will find new ways to express themselves, verbally and non-verbally as they experiment with actions, feelings and words. 

The Act 1 Class lays the foundation for students to confidently move into the Act 2  programme.


Act 1 Group Singing

The Act 1 (approx age 8-11) Group Singing class sees students learn musical numbers from West End and Broadway shows. 

Students sing as a group with the opportunity for solos and simple harmonies.  In warm ups we explore the use of breath whilst singing, pitch accuracy and articulation, as well as starting to understand how to blend as a group and match tone of voice to songs. 

Students learn choreography and staging techniques needed to take the songs from page to stage.


Act 2 Group Acting

In Act 2 (approx age 12-14) students explore the world of technical acting During the class students participate in games which will develop trust, collaboration, spontaneity, and creativity. 

Their imagination is extended through structured exercises, including scene/style improvisations and character building.

Language skills extended through the introduction of scripts, monologues and duologues. 

By the end of Act 2 students will have all the foundation and intermediate stage skills needed to progress comfortably into Act 3.

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Act 2 Group Singing

The Act 2 (approx age 12-14) offers students the chance to take musical theatre vocal performances to the next level. 

During the class we deepen understanding of vocal technique, explore breath technique, diction, vocal tone and quality and the use of different registers.

Like Act 1 we explore musical numbers from a range West End and Broadway shows, developing our understanding of harmony, finding opportunities for students who wish to perform solo and incorporating skills learnt in Act 2 Group Acting as we introduce acting through song.


Act 3 Group Acting

In Act 3 (approx age 15+) all students will take their dramatic arts training to a higher level, learning new ways to approach text, improvisation and devised performance pieces.

This class is perfect for students considering auditioning for drama schools and colleges. We explore dramatic ideas, themes, characters and stories through improvisation exercises and a range of activities that challenge imagination and heighten creativity.

Students fine tune their understanding of a character’s journey, objectives and motivation, improve communication, physicality and expression, whilst deepening their appreciation of live performance and theatre.


Act 3 Group Singing

The Act 3 (approx age 15+) class is a must for anyone considering auditioning for drama schools and colleges. 

As well as learning advanced group songs, there are opportunities throughout the term for students to share solos with the group and receive helpful critique to prepare them for auditions. 

During the technique section of the class students are taught how to belt safely and how to navigate the break in their voice, as they go between registers.  We also continue to delve deeper into understanding breath technique, diction and vocal tone and quality. 

The group will learn how to work as a tight ensemble, learning close harmonies and musicality, whilst also acting and/or performing choreography.


Solo Acting Coaching

Private weekly acting classes for ages 8 + offer focused training to prep for LAMDA exams, audition repertoire and more.


Solo Singing Coaching

Private weekly singing classes for ages 8+ offer focused support in extending range, diction, song interpretation, audition technique and more.

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“The professional, creative and compassionate way these programmes run is unparalleled. Kids come with hopes and dreams and you give them a platform to pursue a career in performing arts as well as develop confidence and numerous other life skills, thank you!"

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