Where Passion Begins

Foundation TheatreWorks

Our TheatreWorks Foundation Programme for ages 5 to 7 is a 60-minute class designed to develop confidence in communicating, explore imagination, expand social skills and start your childs' journey into the magical world of acting and singing. 


Classes are fun, engaging and life enhancing; we create a safe space where students have the freedom to learn through creative play.​

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Act 1 Drama

The Act 1 (ages 8-11) Drama class introduces role play, improvisation, storytelling, imagination development and dramatic play.  Students find new ways to express themselves, verbally and non-verbally, and develop key  skills which can enhance life on and off the stage.

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Act 1 Singing

Act 1 (ages 8-11) Singing sees students learn musical numbers from West End and Broadway shows.  In warm ups we explore the use of breath whilst singing, pitch accuracy and articulation, as well as starting to understand how to blend as a group and match tone of voice to songs. 

Act 2 Drama

Act 2 students (ages 12+) delve into the technical aspects of drama and performance. From high level exploration of theatre practitioners. imagination and creativity development, prepared and unprepared improvisation and literacy advancement through script analysis, monologues and duologues. Students are encouraged to work towards an in-studio performance each term.

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Act 2 Singing

Act 2 Singing (ages 12+) offers students the chance to take musical theatre vocal performances to the next level.  During the class we deepen understanding of vocal technique, explore breath technique, diction, vocal tone, quality and the use of different registers. We further understanding of harmonies and encourage students to work towards an in-studio performance each term.


“The professional, creative and compassionate way these programmes run is unparalleled. Kids come with hopes and dreams and you give them a platform to pursue a career in performing arts as well as develop confidence and numerous other life skills, thank you!"

Parent Acting Student